RegEx - global and case-sensitive modifiers

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Can anyone tell me how I should correctly specify the g and i flags?

The actual recommendation value is a sentence and if any one those words in the Regex expression are found, then the other actions progresses...

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As far as I know you cannot put flags into the regex there which is kinda unfortunate, but if you're dealing with complex or larger Regular Expressions, you can always use the actual Regex Action and then just check against the variable used to capture whether or not it was successfully matched: 

However, because this case has only a few conditions to meet, I'd just use the 'contains (ignoring case)' option of the Condition or Run If action that you're evaluating your string in: 


Either way you'll get to the place you'd like to be. 





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Thank you - I did think I'd hafta use the Regex Expression action...