How to create Endpoints WCF instance before live service is avaialable

  • 16 November 2015
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I need to create a Endpoints WCF service instances for web services that are currently under development and have no running instances.  The WSDL for the web services are defined already.  When I configure the service instance, I provide the url that will ultimately be (but currently is not) and the WSDL.  However, I receive an error "VALIDATIONService Endpoint does not exist."  Yes, I know it doesn't and it won't for a while, but why can't the service instance be created anyway?


If I create it under Endpoints WebService, it works fine.  I don't need a live web service, just the WSDL.  However, I have one service that will return MTOM which Endpoints WebService does not support so it has to be under Endpoints WCF. 


So far, the only way I have to add the service instance is to create a mock service in SoapUI.  Then I have a 'live' web service that can be accessed when I create the service instance.  This works for development but will not work for production.  And as you might have guessed, we are supposed to deploy the K2 stuff before the web services will deploy.


Are there any other options to get the Endpoint WCF service instance created before the web service is available?  (NOTE:  I have not tried exporting the service instance from the dev environment in SODX format and importing that to production.)


Thank you.

1 reply

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No ideas then?