Form Submit Confirmation

  • 3 November 2016
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Hello, is there any way to set up some kind of confirmation page or pop up after a form has been submitted? I would normally just set up a confirmation email with Workflow, but for this particular activity I don't want to inject any workflow tasks for the end user. I just want them to submit the list item through a form and that's it. Any help would be appreciated.



2 replies

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Please search on the community to get more response like the one below:


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I saw this post shortly after I posted this. This will work, but it was not what I was exactly looking for. In the end, I used a redirect page to confirm the submit. But what I was actually looking for is some kind of page or pop up that will summarize what was submitted. This solution only provides a pop up before a true submit which is not really confirming that the user submitted anything because technically it did not go through yet.