Compare and update item between two lists

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Hi evryone,


I need help with one of my nintex workflow project. 

I have 2 lists:

 - list A:

   * one people or group column

 - list B:

  * two columns : people or gruop and single line of text column


First list will be filled by unique users.

On the second list( list B)  I will have about 1000 persons with blank single line of text column.


I want to build workflow that will compare these two list and if on the list B exist person from list A worfklow should fill single line of text column(list B) with some text.

Can anyone help?

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Query List A and get all the names into a collection variable.
Use the collection variable in a For Each action that updates the text column in List B where the name equals the name in the collection variable.
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Yep, It works:) I tried to do this in a different way but it didn't work. 
I added for each loop as you suggest and also 'run if' function.
Thank you for help.