Calling K2 Process from User Control

  • 26 September 2008
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We are using smartpart webpart to host an user control in sharepoint. This user control kicks off a K2 process on a button click event using K2ROM.

I'm able instantiate a k2 process from user control of a Ajax enabled web application. However i'm facing problems(error) when i host the same usercontrol with "Smartpart With Ajax" web part in sharepoint. The user control is loading perfectly in sharepoint but when i click the button it gives me an error after completing the page load event and It never goes to  the button click event. Error message is general sharepoint message : "An unexpected error has occurred." Go back to site....

Please suggest If any permissions are required for K2Rom.dll when called from sharepoint ? or i'm missing anything.

Technologies Used : 1) 2003 2) MOSS 3) Smart Part ( Code Plex).

I appreciate your help...Thanks in advance.


1 reply

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Sharepoint will generally throw an error with more detail either in the EventLog or in the ULS log, is there anyting in there that sheds more light on this?