After installing on sharepoint 2016 I got one error in the log

  • 11 August 2017
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saying that during upgrading of forms service that Upgrade-NFService : Cannoit open database "wss_content" login failed for user "installer". Anything to be concerned about?

4 replies

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Hi Joe,

in general any Nintex installation or upgrade should run without error messages. Is the installer account only used for installations or is it also used to set up the farm?

Could you open SQL Management and check permissions for user installer on the content database mentioned in the error message? I suggest you give it write permissions to the content database and see if the error persists.

Best regards


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Enrico, we got it resolved with the help of Nintex Support...thanks.

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Hey ‌,

can you maybe provide some information on how the issue got resolved? May help others that have the same issue.



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Phillip, I got on a support call with a rep. I know it was database permission issue, but not sure exactly what was done.