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Nintex Promapp - Whoops error or Contact your Promaster error when Navigating to the Map Tab


The following errors may occur when going to the Map Tab of a Process in your Nintex Promapp site:
  • 'Whoops Something went wrong' Page is shown when the Process first attempts to load
  • 'Contact your Promaster' error message is given when trying to move from the Procedure or Edit tab to the Map tab


  1. Edit the Process:
    • Navigate to another Process that doesn't have the error
    • Switch to the Prodedure tab of this Process
    • Navigate to the Process with the Error - this should now open successfully on the Procedure tab
    • Switch to the Edit tab
  2. Check for reasons that the map may not be able to draw e.g.: 
  • Check that the decision is linked to an activity - this will show with a blue line on the left hand side against both the decision and the next activity as pictured below:User-added image
  • If the activity below the decision has no blue line this will need to be resolved.  
  • Drag the activity that should be linked to the decision to above the decision link, and then drag it back into position below the decision link.  This should link the activity to the decision and show with the blue line connecting the two
  • Process Link may have a Note attached to it, we do not allow this
  • Move the note to another activity in the Process
  1. Save and Publish the Process

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