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Nintex Promapp - Documents cannot be uploaded


When uploading documents to Nintex Promapp the following error might occur:
Please specify the network location.  It must begin with a "\" or a network drive letter (e.g. Z:\folder\filename/doc).


Promapp needs to be added as a trusted site.  

In Internet Explorer:
  1. Open Internet Options from the tools menu
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Select the "Trusted Sites" Zone
  4. Select the "Sites" button
  5. Type in the first section of your Nintex Promapp site address e.g.,, or
  6. Select "Close" and then "Ok"

Additional Information

This affects Internet Explorer browsers. 

The settings for this may be controlled by a group policy and you will need to contact your IT team to add Promapp as a trusted site to this policy. 

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