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Nintex Promapp - Document cannot be linked to a non standard URL


When linking documents to a non standard URL (e.g. https://trim/file.doc) the following error may occur: 

URL is invalid and should be formatted correctly, e.g. http:// .  Please contact your Promaster to enable linking to this type of URL.


Add the prefix to your Nintex Promapp configuration settings:

  1. Go to Admin > Configure > Documents
  2. Update the setting Allow linking documents to non-standard urls that match this regex with the prefix (e.g. (https://intranet.*))

The configuration settings are limited to Promasters.  If you are not a Promaster, please contact your organisations Promaster to complete this for you.  

Additional Information

To keep inline with current best practice security guidelines, some web links and links to network documents need to be added to a configuration setting in your site to allow you to link to them.  

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