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Known Issue: App Framework package fails during upgrade


Known Issue: App Framework package fails during upgrade

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When upgrading to K2 5.1 from K2 4.7 or K2 Five (5.0) and the App Framework is present and any of the App Framework artefacts were checked out during upgrade, the following error occurs:

Failed!  View   com.K2.App.Framework.Core.ItemView.ActionBarReview  |  00:00:00.0213158

Checked out by User '{installation user account}'. Cancel check out or perform check in



The issue occurs due to App Framework artefacts being checked out during upgrade. Ensure these artefacts are checked in prior to upgrade.




Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Ensure that all artefacts in the following path,  Apps > K2 > Framework > Core, are checked in, in K2 Designer.
  2. In the folder created when running the K2_Five_(5.1)_(5.0002.1000.2).exe file, navigate to the Installation folder.
  3. Select the K2 (5.0002.1000.2).kifx file and rename the kifx to zip.
  4. In the zip file, navigate to \SmartObjects\Services\AppWizard\Package.
  5. Execute the packages, using K2 Package and Deployment, in the specified sequence as stated below:
    1. App Framework Core.kspx
    2. App Framework Core Extension Notification.kspx
    3. App Wizard.kspx
  6.  In the zip file, navigate to Data\SourceCode.Data.AppWizard\SourceCode.Data.AppWizard\Schema Objects\Schemas\AppWizard\Scripts.
  7. Excecute the scripts against the K2 database, in the specified sequence, as stated below:
    1. AppFramework.inject.sql
    2. AppWizard.SetFrameworkSmOsAsSystem.inject.sql
  8. Rename the installer from K2 (5.0002.1000.2).zip back to K2 (5.0002.1000.2).kifx.


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