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K2 smartforms 1.0.2 High Priority Fixes

K2 smartforms 1.0.2 High Priority Fixes

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KB001574 is a list of high priority issues for K2 smartforms that have now been resolved in the K2 smartforms 1.0.2 release.

Issues Resolved:


  • When loading a Form containing a View, duplicate entries are logged in the HostServer Log file.
  • When using the SaveAs functionality to create Views and then adding these Views to several Forms, results in an error when attempting to load or edit the Form.  The error states: "An item with the same key has already been added".
  • When saving a Form that contains a subform and the main Form contains actions on a button with a rule relating to the subform, the actions are duplicated and the following error displays: "Error 2601, Level 14, State 1, Procedure aDeployEvents, Line 927Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'Form.ActionItem_Design' with unique index 'UX_Form_ActionItem_Design_ID'. The duplicate key value is (2d6134ef-a7b4-4317-99e8-4716e9984daa). Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT statements. Previous count = 1, current count = 0."
  • If a Form has multiple instances of the same View, incorrect behavior occurs on conditions, filters and the execution of rules.
  • An error occurs when saving a Form after changing a rule to another control and adding a new rule to the original control. The error states: "Error 2627, Level 14, State 1, Procedure aDeployEvents, Line 887Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Form_Event_Design'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'Form.­Event_Design'."
  • When a Form is checked in and checked out again, the "Form passes validation rule" gets cleared.
  • An error occurs stating: "control could not be found" when running a Form containing the "specify the edit state" option and the Form was saved using the Save-As option.  When editing the Form, previously configured settings are lost.
  • When attempting to edit a large Form in the Form designer or the Rule designer results in a timeout error.
  • The "Modified Date" property on a Form is not stored in UTC format and causes an error when attempting to deploy a K2 Workflow that is integrated into SmartForms.  The error is similar to the following: "The Start Workflow action could not be found".
  • An error occurs stating: "Requested value 'FormParameter' was not found" when attempting to use Form parameters on a Form containing a List to filter on.
  • Unexpected behavior occurs when using buttons to navigate between Form tabs.
  • When loading a View or a Form, the loading panel only covers a section of the screen instead of the full screen.
  • Intermitant deadlock errors occur when attempting to save an unrelated Form and a View at the same time. 
  • When a Form contains Views with multiple Checkbox-Lists on the Views, an "out-of-memory exception" occurs when loading the Form.
  • The limit of the number of tabs that can be opened for forms has now been removed.



  • An error occurs when attempting to select add, edit or remove a rule on a Form where the column layout orientation was changed.  The error states: "Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)."
  • Using the "when a subform has closed" rule to disable a parent Form does not result in the Parent Form being disabled.
  • After configuring “the Form passes validation” condition on a rule, the configuration is not saved either by clicking the save or finish buttons. The validation is not applied to the Form and the next time the rule is edited an error is displayed stating that the condition has not been configured.
  • Configuration on the "Form passes validation" Condition is discarded after making 2 consecutive changes to an inherited Rule which contains the Condition. 
  • When setting a table to hidden and adding a button with a rule to show the hidden table when the button is clicked, the hidden table still cannot be seen.
  • When more than one Rule exists on a Form with multiple View instances, the incorrect Rule is executed at runtime.
  • A Duplicate Key exception is thrown after attempting to extend a Custom State's Rule from the Base State.
  • When there is a large number of fields for example SmartObject properties in the context browser it is not possible to select the required field. When the node in the tree is expanded and you try and select the field at the bottom, the scroll bar will keep scrolling to the top of the context browser not allowing you to make the selection.  
  • The Changed event for the Drop Down List control fired on form initialize if the Allow Empty Selection property is set to true. This would fail execution if the event was used to fire actions that required a value. For example, if a SmartObject load method was used on another control or View, and it required an ID value from the Drop Down List, the method would fail because the ID was not present on form initialize. 


  • Unable to transfer data from a View to an Editable List when both the View and Editable List are open in separate tabs using Internet Explorer 8.
  • Using Enter to reload the page from the URL created by the "Go to Form" action causes the Form parameters to be lost.
  • The Radio Button List Control does not display the correct data when running a View in Internet Explorer 8.
  • A JavaScript exception is raised stating: "printStackTrace is not defined" when using the SmartForms Debug functionality.
  • When multiple CheckIn requests are done for Views on a slow performing environment, an error occurs stating: "value cannot be null parameter: source".
  • At runtime rows are not added to an Editable List in Internet Explorer 8 if the drop down list is changed.
  • At runtime Forms with multiple Views are not rendering correctly in Internet Explorer 8 resulting in Views displaying over each other.


SmartForms Workflow Integration Wizard


  • It is possible to drag and drop fields from the context browser to a disabled textbox in the SmartForms Client Event.  This should only be allowed if the textbox is enabled.
  • Upon cancelling a SmartForms Integration Wizard, the changes made to the wizard are not reversed.



  • An error occurs when using the controlutil.exe in a post-build batch script.  The error states: "Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot read keys when either application does not have a console or when console input has been redirected from a file."
  • The K2 smartforms Property Grid Icon supported a limited number of icons. This meant that when creating custom wizards users were limited to a specific number of icons and as a result custom icons did not get mapped dynamically. The grid now allows the icons to be customizable for drop downs and complex types and dynamically maps the relevant icon.



  • Making use of placeholders for the current user on a Form, results in random data being returned from Active Directory. 
  • The SmartForms Login page for the K2 runtime web site incorrectly shows the K2 Designer logo.
  • A "Stack overflow at line:0" occurs when loading Forms with Internet Explorer 8.  This will occur when Forms contain complicated Rules.
  • If a SmartObject does not contain a Read method, the Image and File properties fail to return when attempting to load the properties on a List View.
  • Advanced conditions do not execute against Calendar controls when using the equals operator.
  • Values from multi-value type controls in the read-only section of List Views do not surface.


SmartForms Viewer Web Part

  • Enabling and disabling a textbox control on a Form using radio buttons functions incorrectly when adding the Form to the K2 Forms Viewer Web Part.
  • An error occurs stating: "Unable to load the web part" when attempting to import the SmartForms Viewer Web Part previously exported.
  • A JavaScript error occurs when running a List View with a disabled column as a Web Part in SharePoint 2010.


Workflow Designer

  • An "unexpected error occurred while attempting to execute a server-side operation" exception is thrown when opening a Worklist item, when a XML field in the workflow contains a XML header in its value.
  • An error occurs when attempting to deploy a workflow when the SmartForms Client Event is configured to open a Worklist item on a rule that contains the "execute another rule action".  The error states: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  • Performance issues occur when configuring the SmartForms Integration wizard and the Form contains several rules.
  • After upgrading to K2 smartforms 1.0.1, an error occurs when attempting to redeploy a workflow where a merge rule has been configured.  The error states: "System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The requested item "WorkflowMetadata" cannot be found in the collection." 


  • If the first column in an Editable List View contains a single quote, JavaScript errors occur and the screen fails to function correctly.
  • Hiding a Data Label control in a cell takes up more space than other controls.
  • When using the "ImageAttachment" and "ImageAttachmentWithProgess" controls on a View and setting the control's width or height causes the size of the View to be incorrect at runtime.
  • Data does not transfer when configuring a subview to transfer data to an Editable List View.
  • Unable to use data from data controls if the data controls are in a hidden table.
  • Unable to delete a table or add rows to a table in a List View.
  • When adding a column of type "Number" to a List View, the data is right aligned by default and cannot be changed to be left aligned.
  • Unable to change the display size of an image in a List View when the image is retrieved from a SmartObject.
  • When a View is designed without a data source, the View was expandable in the K2 Designer Navigation Tree after adding the View to a Form.  This caused an error stating: "Invalid XML (cannot represent object as string)". 
  • When a filter is configured on a SmartObject GetList method in a List View, the incorrect record returns at runtime.
  • In a List View or Editable List View when certain reserved words in the middle of a sentence are preceded and followed by a space, the text renders incorrectly. For example words such as; "month", "day", "year", “required” or “disabled”.
  •  If a column is hidden on a List View and at Runtime the column is set to visible by using the show control action an error message is displayed.



  • If a SmartObject property name is longer than 1 line, the Assign popup Wizard does not auto size.
  • When using a SmartObject property of type Decimal, incorrect values are displayed in a View.  For example if the value is set to display 5,0 the value will display as 500,00 on the View.  This only occurs on a Non English Operating System.
  • Unable to capture a return property of a method executed on an array of items from either a View or SmartObject method.



  • When a filter is configured on a View method or SmartObject method, and a subview control is used in the filter, the subview control mappings are not persisted when editing the method.
  • After refreshing an Editable List containing a Picker Control linked to the AD Service2 SmartObject, the created items do not display in the relevant Display List column.
  • If a control's size is set, either by pixels or percentage, and then the control's type is changed, the previously set size defaults back to 100%.
  • A Picker Control with an Active Directory SmartObject will not resolve or find results if many filters are applied.
  • Hiding a control on a View in a subform results in an error when the View is run. The error states: "Unclosed Literal String Error ".
  • Validation should be removed from hidden controls.
  • The contents of a label control does not wrap when the size of the containing element, for example a table cell, is less than the width of the label. The label partly disappears behind the element.
  • Validation does not execute on a form containing a Control in a hidden table.
  • When configuring a rule to create selected properties on a Checkbox List control that is bound to a Composite SmartObject, all input properties are duplicated.
  • Date/Time and Decimal Formatting. If the formatting of a control was set to use the user’s culture settings from the browser, and the K2 smartforms runtime site in IIS was set to use a different culture than what was set on the user’s browser, the browser settings were ignored and the IIS site’s culture settings were used instead. A secondary issue could occur because the List View used the web.config setting ‘SmartObject.ExecutionCulture’ to convert a control’s value to the invariant culture. If the parsing mechanism could not find a match between the string and the IIS settings (based on the way the .NET Framework converts specific cultures to invariant cultures), the values may not have been displayed correctly when reloaded after saving. However, the value that was saved would have been correct.



  • The Calendar Control returned an error where the Regional Settings complied to Eastern European Time -  The following regions would be affected Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia – Kaliningrad, Turkey, Ukraine.
  • An error stating ‘Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: utcDate’ occurred at runtime. An error occurred at runtime on Forms where the time zone difference was greater than the deployment and upgrade period. For example, in UTC +2 time zones if you deployed a Form and then upgraded within a 2 hour period, the Form would display an error message. If the Form was run after the 2 hour timeframe had expired, no error occurred.


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