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K2 4.5 High Priority Fixes


K2 4.5 High Priority Fixes

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KB001349 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5 that have now been resolved.



Issues Resolved:

K2 Server

  • The performance of the K2 server in certain scrnarios was slow when using K2 Workspace and sharePoint Worklist.
  • Upon starting the K2 Host Server, memory usage spiked as a result of the number of SQL Connection objects that stayed in memory. The connections were closed but were still referenced by SQLTransaction objects, keeping them in memory. The SQLTransaction object was not disposed of properly, keeping a reference to the SQLConnections.
  • The K2 server fails to start with endpoints enabled if there is a corrupt SmartObject.
K2 Designers and Wizards
  •  A process will go into an error state when a group name containing a special character is added to the K2 User Managment Event.
  • Notification and escalation email fails intermittently if the SharePoint Group Provider name is the same as the Domain name or any registered label name. Error Message received: "MailEvent - The parameter 'addresses' cannot be an empty string. Parameter name: addresses".
  • K2 Designer for SharePoint does not add start rights for the workflow author causing the SharePoint Application  Pool to stop working.
  • In the K2 Designer for SharePoint the Document URL in the Email event is not encoded. Spaces in the name are included in the URL that is returned.
  • The K2 Designer for SharePoint's Context Browser fails to load if a single Custom Inline Function dll is missing. For example if a custom Inline function is built and registered with K2 Studio when the context browser in K2 Designer for SharePoint is opened it fails to load because it is looking for the custom inline function in the GAC and cannot find it.
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint the user is Unable to deploy a process when the List or Library name contains an ampersant sign. An error stating "An error occurred while parsing EntityName..."is display.
  • When an InfoPath 2010 form has a people picker column, the fields in the K2 Designer for SharePoint erase to show Only the people picker group from InfoPath and none of the other fields are visible.
  • An error stating "Could not find file:{file location}..." occurs when adding an XML resource file to InfoPath.
  • When existing processes relating to SharePoint Lists and Libraries were upgraded to K2 4.5 Update KB001290 an error occurred when the processes were opened. Error stated that the Property “IsCustomTemplate” could not be found on ListAndLibraryEventItem. 
  • In the K2 Designers when dragging a folder that resides in a project the entire folder is deleted from the UI and all processes and content are removed.
  • A user could not deploy using MSBuild from another machine that did not have any K2 Client tools installed on it as the assemblies were not found when trying to resolve the assemblies to deploy.
  • When specifying an XSD for an XML Field, using <xsd:all> to specify that the child elements can be in any order results in the object browser not being able to expand the children within the <xsd:all>.
  • When a K2.NET 2003 (Interop) process using InfoPath with the Task Pane and View Flow option set to ‘Retrieve Real Time View Flow Data’, an error dialog displays when the user selects the View Flow URL. The error message states "The View Process XML is Empty". Secondly, when changing the Viewflow option for the Task Pane to display Cached View Flow Data, after successfully creating a new workflow instance, an Exception is thrown and the process goes into an error state.
  • If a K2.Net 2003 process is converted and deployed to K2 blackpearl through the Interop wizard, an instance is started which goes into an error state and the process cannot be opened in the K2.Net Server Management tool as the code editor is blank.
  • When using K2 Studio in a Windows 7 and Server 2008 environment certain areas of K2 Studio did not render correctly, these include the scrollbars not displaying and fields or windows sizing that is so small that the text cannot be viewed.
  • Error stating "The ’@’ symbol is reserved and cannot be used in an expression" occurs when trying to use a lookup column that allows multiple values in the expression builder.
  • When right-clicking on an InfoPath form and selecting Integrate With SmartObject, when adding some SmartObject methods and clicking Finish/OK results in an error stating "The URL is not a valid format. Parameter name: URL". Similarly in K2 Studio when creating a new process and selecting to deploy to a Network Location in InfoPath Integration the same error occurs when finishing the InfoPath Integration wizard.
  • Unable to drag a SmartObject property field onto the Average Inline Function in K2 Designer for SharePoint. Error Message:"Object of type &apos;System.String&apos;cannot be converted to type &apos;System.Decimal[]&apos;,". This was caused by previous incorrect handling of array types passed in as single value parameters into the inline function. This behavior was fixed in Update KB001290 but caused the above backwards compatibility issue.
  • When using the Name of a user added to the Favorites list in K2 Designer for SharePoint an exception is generated when the process is deployed.


  •  The property getter for ContainerObject has an unessecary cast that causes an exception when called from the notification message editor in the default client event.

SharePoint Integration and InfoPath Integration

  • Performance issues experienced when opening a worklist item in SharePoint related to the K2 WFI pages and proxy . It could take up to 15 minutes  to open the item.
  • The Moderation Status (Approval Status) of a SharePoint page does not change to "Pending" when a K2 process is initiated using the “Submit” button that appears in the editing ribbon but rather remains as "Draft"
  • Activating or deactivating individual K2 features does not function when performed from a user's  computer in the Web Front End environment with special account rights. It will only function by logging directly onto the SharePoint Central Administration machine.
  • When designing a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process using forms,it is not possible to add more than 11 fields to the instantiation and task pages.
  • If XML special characters are used in the comments field of a SharePoint Workflow Integration process configured to start the process manually, the user is unable to start the workflow.  If the user successfully starts a SharePoint Workflow Integration process and uses XML special characters in the comments of the task the instance will also not start
  • Unable to deploy K2 components on a non-English SharePoint site
  • An obscure error message occurs when a user tries to open an InfoPath Form and does not have sufficient rights on the library
  • When adding a List item in a folder the XML of the folder in the XML structure is not correctly updated which causes that the added list item is not added to the folder.
  • A memory exception is thrown when trying to activate the K2 Designer for SharePoint in Central Administration on a MOSS 2007 environment.
  • An error occurs at runtime when the "Upload Document" event is configured to copy or move a document across site boundaries. Error Message: "Server was unable to process request. ---&gt; List could not be found in specified site"

K2 Workspace

  • When a date filter is added to a custom report in K2 Workspace on a machine where the regional settings are set to non- English such as French, the report fails at runtime with a error stating "Query not supported"
  • When creating a custom notification in K2 Workspace on a process using a datafield as the TO/FROM field which contains a valid email address the email is never received and no error is returned.
  • When an activity contains an apostrophe in the name, it is not possible to select it in the "GOTO" drop down list of the Process Instances interface in k2 Workspace. 
  • Delegation Issues expereinced with Out of Office on a non-English environment for example Korean
  • When redirecting work to a user in the Managment Console the redirection would fail if the user's name included an ampersand character
    After upgrading to K2 4.5 Update KB001230 the ViewFlow gave an error indicating that the connection XML from the  site collection (SSL) could not be read when opening the ViewFlow.

K2 Process Portals

  • Issues experienced when using the K2 Process Web part namely, spelling error of the word December and the date range  on interval graphs with regional settings set to French for example returns incorrect data.

K2 SmartObjects

  •  When using the SmartObject Event on the Contacts SharePoint List SmartObject (Get List Method) in K2 Designer for Visual Studio and the input and Return fields are mapped or Created, Visual Studio stops functioning if there is a special character in the field. This is because SmartObject properties allow display names using special characters, however K2 Objects, DataFields and  XML Fields did not.
  • The K2 Server stops functioning when a SmartObject list method on a service returns a hexadecimal value 0x1A. Full error message: " "'', hexadecimal value 0x1A, is an invalid character."
  • When a user account does not have Schema owner rights a "Method not found" error is thrown when creating SmartObjects from a SQL connection.

K2 Installation and configuration

  • In a specific scenario when installing K2 on a machine with SharePoint 2010 an Object Reference error occurs  during the configuration wizard.
  • Enhancement: Enhanced logging to log the inner exception messages for SourceCode.Reporting.Configuration.Config.deployResourceReports()
  • The connection string in the comments of the K2HostServer.config file contains an incorrect DB name. The database name is set as "HostServer_Beta2". This should be K2HostServer.
  • When using the  unattended installer the K2 Designer for SharePoint database connection string updated the K2ForSharePoint.config incorrectly.
  • On the Component screen of the K2 Setup Manager when selecting the "view dependancies" link it showed Windows Server 2008 in green, however the installed Operating System was Windows 2003.


  • Domain User Group process rights not functioning as expected when there are mulitple domains involved.
  • Process rights to groups for foreign forest did not resolve. The issue only occured when assigning process rights to the DomainUsers group where the users in that group has the Primary group set as DomainUsers (DomainUsers as primary group is Microsoft default). 




Issue Resolutions

Install the latest K2 4.5 update to resolve the issues listed above.


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