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Infinite spinner when loading items on the Worklist control


An infinite spinner is shown when loading worklist items on the worklist control


Error Code

Using the browser developer tools, you will see the following error in the Console tab: 

Cannot read property 'split' of null



A possible cause is the Environment Field 'Web Service URL SSL' is missing in K2 Management > Environment Library > [Default Environment]. This is resolved by manually adding the field with the following values:

Field name: Web Service URL SSL

Field description: Web Service SSL URL

Field type: Web Service URL

Field value: <Enter your K2 URL> 


Additional Information

To verify whether the 'Web Service URL SSL' field is present in your environment, run the following query against the K2 database: 

SELECT * FROM [Environment].[Field] WHERE FieldName = 'Web Service URL SSL' AND FieldId = '4F2CF263-C40A-4D2C-B115-EB9F5DDD94AE'


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