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Foxtrot RPA: License Activation Error


When upgrading from version 11 or lower up to version 12, attempting to open Foxtrot RPA may give the following error message: 
Warning: License activation required.

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When performing the upgrade to Foxtrot RPA, versions 12 and up, the user does not have Modify permissions to the install folder where the license file resides. This causes Windows to create a new Foxtrot Suite folder for the updated license file in the Virtual Store.

To resolve this, the “Users” group needs to be granted Modify permissions to the install folder. Then the newly created license files need to be moved from the Virtual Store folder into the install folder. Finally, the Foxtrot Suite folder within the Virtual Store can be deleted.
  1. Navigate out to the Foxtrot Suite folder within the Virtual Store. It will be located in: C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Local\Virtual Store\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite
  2. Open that Foxtrot Suite folder and copy both FTSuite.lf and RPA2.lf files.
  3. Navigate out to the install folder. By default it is C:\Program Files (X86)\Foxtrot Suite. Paste the two .lf files that you just copied. You will receive a message that the files already exist, you can safely overwrite the old files.
  4. Navigate back to the Foxtrot Suite folder in the Virtual Store and delete it.
  5. You should now be able to open Foxtrot RPA.

Additional Information

Applies To:
  • Foxtrot RPA - version 12.0.9 and higher

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