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Exchange Online: Access denied when loading an Appointment


You may face the following issue when trying to execute the Load method for the Exchange Online Appointment SmartObject.





Error Code

Service: Exchange Online
Service Guid: [GUID]
Severity: Error
Error Message: Access is denied. Check credentials and try again., The process failed to get the correct properties.
InnerException Message:



This is expected behavior. You need to provide Read and Manage permissions to the account who needs to load the Appointment on the User's mailbox who created the Appointment.


  • For example, if UserA created the appointment, and UserB wants to load the appointment - you will need to access the Exchange Admin center, click on Mailboxes, and then click on the user (UserA) that created the Appointment.
  • Click on Mailbox delegation, and assign Read permissions to UserB who is experiencing the problem.











Additional Information

When executing the Update method of the Exchange Online Appintment SmartObject, it can only be updated by meeting organizer.


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