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Error creating connection. Bad Request


When creating a Connection in the Nintex Workflow Gallery in Office 365, an error window appears with:

“Error creating connection. Bad Request - {"correlationId":"00000x0x-0000-xx00-x00x-00000x0000xx","code":"CM-ERR-00005","message":"Incorrect or incomplete input data. [WebTitle]","_links":null,"_embedded":null}”


-In Office 365, navigate to the App Launcher (dotted square in the top left corner) > Admin
User-added image

-You are now in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Click the > in the top left to expand the menu
-Navigate to Admin Centers > SharePoint > Site Collections
User-added image

-Locate the Site Collection in which you are making the Connection to
-Select the site and open the Properties for the site
User-added image

-Ensure that the 'Title' field is populated. If this is blank, you must enter a title.
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Error Code

“Error creating connection. Bad Request - {"correlationId":"80003c4f-0003-df00-b63f-84710c7967bb","code":"CM-ERR-00005","message":"Incorrect or incomplete input data. [WebTitle]","_links":null,"_embedded":null}”

Additional Information

Note: The Title field is a required field when creating a new Site Collection in SharePoint Online. This should never be blank, but in the event that it does manage to be blank, it will cause this error since the Title will return as 'null'.

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