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Drawloop - Field Tag Not Populating in Template


When trying to run a document package, one field tag is not populating in Template



Review the following areas to determine if the <<tag>> is correctly placed: 
  • Check the relationships on the DocGen Package to ensure the correct relationship is established for the object in which the field is located. 
  • In the Field Tagger of the DocGen Package, select the correct object from the Main object drop-down menu. Be sure to identify if an Alias is specified on the relationship.
  • Check to see if there is a Duplicate field name in another managed package. If there is a duplicate field name, one field API name will need to be changed to avoid the <<Tag>> conflict.
    • Example: If there's a field on the managed package called "field name" (API name: MngPck__fieldname__c) and a custom field that you have created called "field name" (fieldname__c), you will need to make changes to the custom field so it won't conflict with the field in the managed package. The field label can remain the same, but we will need to have the field name change over to something different (such as fieldname_1__c, fieldname1__c, etc). For more details please see the following article:

  • If occurring during replication, confirm that the tag is in the same object as what is listed as the Start Tag <<Relationship_Start>>
  • Confirm there is data on the record.
  • Confirm Word field tags are being used, not Excel
  • Possibly recompile the DocGen Package as sometimes new fields do not get recognized at times. If the field tag is being used outside of the template (such as delivery options, advanced optional, etc), try including the field tag in question, run the DocGen package, and then removing the field tag once they ran it through once. To Recompile:  Click Edit > Then Save > then run a DocGen package.
  • Click the "Edit" button to ensure the values are actually populated. The values may appear as empty which tends to happen when the relationship is cloned. Re-select the values and this will re-populated the values back on the relationship.



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