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Drawloop - Error "Executing Insert-Update, object: object ID: id value of incorrect type: (invalid_id_field)"


When running a Document Package with an insert-update, the following error might occur:
Error Executing Insert-Update, Object: Object ID: id value of incorrect type: (invalid_id_field)



  • Make sure that the relationships between the objects are correctly configured on the Document Package.
  • Check to see they are using the correct tags for their insert-update. This may occur if they're using an incorrect tag for the field value pair (such as ID =  <<Object_Name>> instead ID = <<Object_Id>>)
  • If "Run at Beginning" is checked on the Insert-Update, please check to see if the insert-update is performing its action on the object it is running from. Any other objects, will throw an error as the tags have not been compiled yet.


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