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Drawloop - Error: Unable to access PackageLicense.Id


This error typically occurs if the user that encounters the error is NOT a system administrator but has the DocGen Admin permission set. They will encounter this error, when navigating to the User Permission section of the DocGen Admin Tab.

 - Error: Unable to access PackageLicense.Id


Check to see if the user's profile has the following
  • Go to the user's profile and check the checkbox "Manage Package Licenses".
  • Access to our Apex Classes

    • Loop.DdpAdminController
    • Loop.AuthorizeLoopController
    • Loop.SupportSidebarController
  • Access to "Customize Application Access" on the profile.
  • Most likely the user may also encounter other issues with the Admin tab. They will need to make sure they have access to the following Apex classes as well:
    • Loop.loopTools
    • Loop.PauseToEditDefaults
    • Loop.IndividualProfileUserSettings
    • Loop.ApplicationAuthorizationController
    • Loop.ConfigureIntegrations
    • Loop.UserConfigurationController
    • Loop.SampleDdpController
    • Loop.LayoutButtonController

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