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Get and convert email address to people picker

Hello Friends,

I have a single line of text variable that has the email address information of the user.

I would like the workflow to get the email address and convert that and store the information in people picker field

This is the process I'm following:

1. Query user profile: Input is the single line of text and storing the information in a temp people picker variable

2. Set field value: Get the info from Step 1 and set the list people picker field value

However, the workflow is erroring out in Step 1. Could you please assist me on fixing this?

Thank you

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Get and convert email address to people picker

it might help to investigate/advice if you provided exact error message you get...

sometimes problems cause space or semicolon character(s) behind the address since it is taken as a part of the string being look up for

if your env ensures mail addresses are unique (so you eg. do not use several authentication providers) you need not to query user profile to resolve user account out of mail address. nintex/sharepoint can resolveit  OOTB on its own. see similar discussion here Query AD to get Person object from one of its properties