How to access Nintex managed holidays in SharePoint 2010


We are building a pretty straight forward business project that uses SharePoint 2010 and Nintex workflows. Just the usual lists with workflows attached doing stuff to the list items.

Nintex workflows can do pauses for X number of days that exclude holidays if the holiday dates are entered through the Nintex "Manage Holidays" action in the settings for a web. It just lets you enter a bunch of Name + Date combinations. That's great and lets the workflows do their job nicely.

Now, we'd like to be able to do custom calculations in a web service that a Nintex workflow can call, that also take those holidays into account. The calculations are just too complex to do with the features that Nintex gives you - which is fine.

My question is; is there some way to query that list of dates that we have entered for Nintex to use? They're not stored in any SharePoint lists, hidden or otherwise; they go straight into the Nintex database. I have looked at the Nintex workflow webservice - all the functions seem to be specific to starting/stopping workflows etc.

I'd also rather avoid accessing the Nintex database directly, or duplicate those dates in a SharePoint list.

Is there any way to get at that data? Either through .NET code (using the nintex dlls) or other webservices?

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