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Switch content types in Nintex form

If the SharePoint list/library is associated with multiple content types then SharePoint out-of-the-box edit forms provide provision to switch to different content types. Attached a screen shot for the same in case I am not clear. 

However, Nintex form requires to be created for every content type. Nintex form in edit mode does not list the content types available in the list/library unlike the SharePoint list/library edit forms. Thereby, we cannot modify the content type using Nintex form.

I require this in upload document scenario where document gets associated with default content type and I would like to switch to different content type but Nintex form does not list them.

Please suggest any solutions if you have come across this situation. 

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Workflow Hero

Re: Switch content types in Nintex form

I am looking for a fix for this as well.

What I have done in the meantime is created a one step workflow using the change list item action to update the content type column to the new content type. This allows the users to be able to switch from one contenty type to another however it is not as efficient as what we want, but until we find an answer this what I have done.

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