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Use the Nintex Form start event


This article will explain how to use the Nintex Form start event in Nintex Workflow Cloud. Use this start event when you want to start a workflow from a customized form that captures information from a user before starting the workflow instance. The form can be made available via web URL, Nintex Mobile, and the My Nintex > Forms page. Note, this article will not focus on how to design Nintex Forms. You can review the Forms topic in the Nintex Workflow Cloud help documentation or go to the Additional Information section below for a link to Nintex University training.



  1. Click on the start event to open the configuration panel and select the "Form" option from the Nintex group of start events under the Start from property.
    Nintex Form.gif

  2. Click the Design form button to design the form you would like to have users work with. When the form is ready, click the Apply changes button in the upper left to go back to the workflow design canvas.
    Designed Form.gif

  3. Controls that are added to your form will appear as Form variables for the Start event in your workflow. Use these variables in actions like, Send an email, as shown below.
    Form variables used in workflow.png


  4. Select how you want the form to be accessed by users. Authenticated users in this tenant, requires users to be logged in and have access to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. Anyone with the form URL, basically allows anonymous access to the form where anyone that has the URL can fill it out and submit.
    Form access settings.png

  5. Configure whether you would like to make the form available via URL as well as through the Nintex Mobile app and in the forms section of My Nintex. The following example exposes the form both as a URL and through Nintex Mobile and My Nintex.
    Form availablility.png

    Available as URL
    The form URL can be found by clicking on the ellipses menu button for the published workflow in the Automate -> Workflows area. Select Form URL and snippet from the menu, then use the Copy URL JRoberts_0-1655331445925.png button to get a copy of the url for pasting into your browser. Click the Open URL JRoberts_1-1655331491866.png button to open the form in another tab.Open form with URLOpen form with URL

    My Nintex
    When selected to appear in My Nintex and the Nintex Mobile app, users will find a link in their My Nintex area for the form.
    My Nintex Form.png

    Nintex Mobile
    Forms will also appear in the Nintex Mobile forms area where you can then open the form from your mobile device to submit.
    Nintex Mobile forms listNintex Mobile forms list


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