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Drawloop - Word Formatting Justified Text


When attempting to use 'Justified Text' formatting in Microsoft Word, users can experience "odd" formatting. This behavior is not typically a result of the DocGen process but is related to the settings within Word itself. 


The settings to adjust settings in Word (Windows):

File > Options > Advanced and scroll to the bottom of the dialog and expand the Layout Options item and then check the box for "Don't expand character spaces on a line that ends with SHIFT+Return" (see image)


2021-06-15 12_36_13-renditionDownload (935×764).png


** This may not be the only option to resolve your issue, we suggest updating your Word settings to what best meets your use case. 

** Options may be different for Mac users.

Additional Information

You can always test formatting adjustments with a completed output document. This will allow you to see how the output text is affected by formatting options in Word. Drawloop should be compatible with most Word formatting.


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