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Drawloop - Automated Outbound Message from different starting object record.


Trigger an automated outbound message on a different object than the DocGen Package starting object.


Additional Information

  • Often used for when a child record is created - then runs specific Package for the Parent Record.
  • Still subject to Salesforce Workflow rules and validation behavior
  • Alternatives to Outbound Message = Process Builder or Flow (neither support a 'User to Send as')



In the Drawloop_Next Field, add the additional parameter objectype:DDPstartingobjectAPI


  • objecttype:custom_object__c
  • objecttype:Opportunity


If the Drawloop_Next field is a formula field - enclose in quotes as needed for formula validation.


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Automated DocGen Packages: https://help.nintex.com/en-US/docgen/docservices/#docgen-sfdc/Services/manageDDP/AutomatedDDPs.htm?

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