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Not able to add Nintex Form to an Assign to-do task action (Workaround)


An Assign to-task can be used when no approval is needed and the task just needs to be done.
The Assign to-task has one branch coming from the action. This type of task also does not allow the use of Nintex Task form.
If there is a requirement for this type of task to be used but a Nintex Form is required this workaround can be used.


1. Open the Nintex workflow designer.
2. Add a Flexi Task to a pearl.
3. In the Advanced section of the Flexi Task action configuration tick the "Do not create branches" box so that there is only one branch coming from the action just like the Assign to-do task action.
4. Customise the Task form as required.
5. Save and publish the workflow.
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