How to work with the K2 Task List for iPhone

How to work with the K2 Task List for iPhone

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Note: This topic refers to deprecated products, components or features that K2 no longer supports. This topic is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Starting with K2 4.7 the latest K2 Mobile apps must be used.


The K2 Task List mobile applications provide access to your K2 worklist from your mobile device. It includes the ability to action, sleep, redirect and delegate your worklist items.

This document will walk you through installing and using the mobile application for older versions of the iPhone.


In order to install the mobile application on your device, access the appropriate mobile application store:

  1. Download the application and install, rebooting the device if necessary.
  2. After downloading the application, you will need to configure the K2 settings. NOTE: These settings may be different based on the mobile application you have downloaded, but all possible settings are listed here for reference.

Connection Settings. You will need to know the following information for your environment:

  • Server Name (e.g.,
  • Use SSL (Yes or No)
  • Domain (e.g., Denallix)
  • User Name
  • Password

Sync Options. These options modify how the tasks are synchronized.

  • Include Process Data (Yes or No)
  • Include Activity Data (Yes or No)
  • Maximum Tasks to Sync
  • Sync individual tasks: Sync a task immediately after you have performed an action on the task screen
  • Custom Actions: Display the actions specific to the process first, before the system actions such as delegate or redirect
  • New task notification: If you want the application to check for tasks automatically (NOTE: You may incure additional costs depending on your service provider and data package).
  • Update interval: Check for new tasks every "x" minutes

Startup/Shutdown. These options modify the application behavior.

  • Auto start: Start the application when your phone boots
  • Background on close: Must be enabled for new task notifications to work. This setting will keep the application running in the background when you exit the application.

Using the K2 Task List Mobile Application

The K2 Task List has several features that enable you to work with your worklist items on your mobile device.

  • Inbox. Once you have opened the application and synchronized your worklist items, you will see the items that need your attention in your Inbox.
  • Outbox. The mobile applications are designed to work in offline mode and allow for batch actioning of tasks. Any tasks that you have completed will be saved in your Outbox until the next syncronization. Tasks in the Outbox can be edited if necessary before they are synchronized.
  • Sync. By synchronizing, all items in your Outbox will be sent to the server to be processed, as well as looking for new tasks assigned to you.

Working with a Task Item

Opening an item will display the Task form, displaying the process name and task information, including folio, priority, and status. The action drop down menu will display all of the available actions that you can take for the task item. This includes the actions defined in the process definition, as well as the system actions:

  • Delegate. This allows you to search for users and allow them to action the task instead of you.
  • Redirect. This will move the task to another person's inbox and allow them to action the task instead of you.
  • Sleep. Select a date for when the task should reappear on your task list. After you sleep the task, it will not appear on your task list until that date and time.
  • No action. This will not action the task when you close the task item.

Working with the Application

From the application's menu, you can also view the applicable process and activity data for the task item, the form (if it is mobile enabled), as well as the ability to e-mail the originator of the process instance.

iPhone Application Menu 


  • Submit Task. Closes the task and submits the action you selected on the task item
  • View Form. Display the form, if it is mobile enabled
  • Email Delegate. First you must delegate the task, then you can send an email to the delegate
  • Refresh. Refreshes the task locally


Technical Details


Distribution: Apple App Store

Connection: HTTP and HTTPS

OS Minimum Requirement: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 and above (**

K2 Server Minimum Requirement*: K2 blackpearl 4.5 with Update 1350 to K2 blackpearl 4.6.6, K2 blackpoint 4.5 with Update 1350 or greater

* K2 Services must be configured, for more information seeTroubleshooting the K2 Mobile Apps.

** iOS 5.0 Support is included in the v1.1.0 application


Release Notes

The following section describes the updates that have been released for the K2 Mobile Applications.

iPhone Application

Version 1.1.3

  • Resolved layout issues with mobile page rendering
  • Resolved random crash issue
  • Resolved issue where selecting “cancel” on the Task Actions page, the worklist item’s status also changes to “cancel”

Version 1.1.0

  • Improved memory management
  • Resolved iOS 5 compatibility issues
  • Resolved random ordering of task items upon refresh
  • Resolved intermittant issue when selecting an item from the task list and displaying the incorrect item


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