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Starting a Component Workflow from another Nintex for Office 365 workflow


How to use the Component Workflow option to start your workflow from another Nintex for Office 365 workflow.


You can start a component workflow from another workflow in your Office 365 tenancy, by using the Run Component Workflow action, once a component workflow is published and you’ve selected the relevant Start option.

To Start your Component workflow from a workflow in the current Office 365 tenant

  1. Design the parent workflow that will call your Component workflow.
  2. In the workflow designer, add the Run Component Workflow action at the point in the workflow you want to call the Component workflow.
  3. Select the Component workflow you want to run.
  4. Select to either
    • Wait for Component workflow to complete before continuing.

    • Run both workflows concurrently.
        5. Publish the parent workflow.

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