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ShareGate Troubleshooting for Office 365


ShareGate Troubleshooting steps for Office 365


1. Confirm that they have requested their API keys from the help page below.

2.  Check if the Domain  is valid by using a nslookup in the command prompt. The URL to check is the tenant name with attached at the end. 
User-added image

3. If it is a non existent domain, have the customer try the following below to see if one can be generated. 
   1. First navigate to Site Contents in site and then click on the  Nintex Workflow for Office 365.  App that will start the Workflow inventory to create a “Site” workflow.
   2. Create a Site Workflow: Just Add “Log History” action.
   3. Click on Workflow Settings in the ribbon:
User-added image
   4.  Put any Name for the WF : like “SiteWF” and check the Enable Component workflow checkbox.
   5.  Select the Start options: HTTPS API endpoint'  as below
   6.  Publish the WF …you will see a pop up message window can ignore it.
   7.  Now, test the console application and for SDK and see its working
User-added image

    8.  Please repeat step 2 and check if the domain exists. 


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