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Reuse customised Flexi Task task forms


When creating a workflow with multiple task forms it can be desirable to have your customised task form on every task action.
It would be time consuming to customise every form so this howto covers how to save time. 


Method :1
Customising one of the task forms and then exporting it and importing it into the next task action is one way to save time.
The issue with this is that if you want to change the form you have to change in for every Task action.

Method : 2
1. Add a Task action to your workflow and customise the Task Form.
2. From the Task actions menu select copy.
3. Click on an empty pearl and past the task action. 

Navigating to the Task action configuration and open the task form now shows a popup message advising that the form is linked.
Changing the form will change the form for all linked Task actions.

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