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Publish Nintex Live Form


How do you publish a Nintex form to Nintex Live?



Publish your form to the cloud


In the Nintex Forms Ribbon, click the Live Settings button. 



Check the Publish to Nintex Live box. Another checkbox will appear, Allow anonymous access. Check this box.



Click Publish in the Ribbon. You will see a list of all the layouts your form is configured for. Click Publish to confirm. 


The URL to access the Nintex Form anonymously will be provided to you once you confirm publishing. This URL is the same for any layouts you publish the form to. For example, since I created a form for desktop and smart phone, I can access the form using the URL on both devices.



Additional Information

When you publish a Nintex Live Form your form is automatically hosted by Nintex in the cloud.  If you would like your form to be integrated in to an existing website, you will need use an iframe.  For more information on iframes please see iframe on
Example: <iframe src=""></iframe>

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