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Nintex Promapp - Importing from Visio


How to Import from a Microsoft Visio file


Nintex Promapp supports import from .vdsx Visio files only.
  1. A Promaster must enable the option Enable process import from third party tools (Visio, iGrafx) in Admin > Configure > Print, Import & Export configuration setting
  2. Go to an existing Process, or Create a new Process
  3. Change to the edit tab and select the Import from file option from the Cog Wheel > Import menu
  4. Select the Choose file button and select your .vsdx file
  5. Select Import
  6. Adjust the procedure text as required, following the Import rules
  7. Select Import

Additional Information

Import Rules:
  • Each line will create an activity.
  • Each indented(tabbed) line will create a task.
  • Starting a line with NOTE: will create a note.
  • Text after NOTE: is the heading.
  • The next line below NOTE: is the body of the note.
  • Type [ROLE NAME] after the activity name to assign a role or responsibility, e.g. Pour coffee [Coffee Maker].
  • System tags can be used alongside roles to assign a tag to an activity, e.g. Order coffee [ERP].
  • To insert a Web Link indent a line and type in [Web Link] followed by title to be displayed. Indent the next line and enter the web link starting with http:// followed by the URL

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