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Nintex Promapp - Configure Branding


This article covers the basics of configuring your Company branding in Nintex Promapp. It will hit on the various Branding settings in Admin --> Configure.


To make add company logos or change Nintex Promapp site theme colors:
  1. Admin
  2. Configure
  3. Branding

Additional Information

Logos (in Red in below picture)

Company logos can be added to the login page, process map, printed processes, email notifications and incidents and for the Touch mode module. We recommend *.jpeg or *.png images and logos be uploaded with the following dimensions:

+ Login / Print Logo: 275 x 150 pixels
+ Process Map/Emails: 150 x 80 pixels
+ Touch mode: 200 x 60 pixels

Background Imagery (in Blue in below picture)

The image for the login page background and the top section map may be changed. Simply click [Change] and select the new image. As this image will be used to fill the login page we recommend a full HD quality image with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

User-added image

Email Colours

The colours used in emails sent from Nintex Promapp can be customised to match your organisation's brand. This includes the colour of headings, buttons and links used in emails generated by Nintex Promapp.

To update these colours, select the colour from the colour-picker, or enter the hexidecimal colour code.

Email buttons Default Colour: #0f8fd6
Email headings Default Colour: #0070c0
Email Links Default Colour: #0070c0

Email Signature

The text 'signature' used on emails generated from within your Nintex Promapp site can be customised to fit your organisation. Use [Shift-Enter] to add line breaks to the text.

Login Colours

The colours for log in page can be altered to match your companies corporate branding. The includes the background colour for area where your companies logo is displayed, and the colour of the buttons. To update these colours simply change the following settings. You can either us the colour picker or enter the hexidecimal colour code.

+ Login Buttons Colour (Default: #76af03)
+ Login Buttons Colour Highlight (Default: #a8d14c)
+ Login Panel Header Colour (Default: #ffffff)

I've updated the Login Colours so why hasn't my Login page been updated?

The colours have been cached in your browser. If you do a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5) the new colours will display as expected.

What will my email look like?

Use this button to check how your custom branding will look on emails generated by Nintex Promapp. This will create a dummy email in a new browser window with placeholder content to view the changes you have made.

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