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Nintex Promapp - Allowing Users to see Unpublished Processes


How do I allow users to see Unpublished Processes within Nintex Promapp?


The only way to allow a user to see an Unpublished Process withinNintex  Promapp is to share a Minimode link to the Unpublished Process with the user.  

The Minimode link will show the latest unpublished version up until the Process is published.  The users can submit feedback on the Process using the usual feedback tools.
  1. Go to the Process you wish to share
  2. Select the share icon 
  3. Select Share Process Link
User-added image
  1. Copy the link provided

Additional Information

Another option is to give the user Process Editing rights to the Process Group the Process resides in.  However be aware that this will also give that user rights to edit any Process within this Group.  

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