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How to use Set Value rule option when using Responsive forms


The Set Field Value option that can be selected when setting a rule on a Single Line of Text control is used to set the value of the control based on another control.
If all that is required is to set the value of the control when the form loads the "Default Value" should be configured in the control settings.


Example of use.

Add a Choice control to the canvas and name it "Selection"
Configure choices to be Yes,No,Maybe
Add a Single Lines of Text Control to the canvas.
Select the control and click on the Add Rule button from the rules pane.

Configure rule:
Rule name: "congratulations"
When: equals(Selection,"Yes")
Then: Set value
Value: "Hooray"

Publish form and test.
When you select Yes from the choice control the Single Lines of Text control will change to Hooray.

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