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Drawloop - Track DocGen Package Usage and Data in Salesforce


How to Track DocGen Package Usage and Data in Salesforce


Note: In this example, the {Account} object is the starting object.

1. Create a new custom object {DocGen Package Usage}. On this object create 2 lookup relationships.
              1. From {DocGen Package Usage} to the {Account} object
              2. From {DocGen Package Usage} to the {DocGen Package} object

User-added image
User-added image

2. On the {Account} object configure the fields you want to display in the related list “DocGen Package Usage” view.  (DocGen Package Name, Date and Time, Created By, etc…)

Customize Related List - Salesforce

              1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup.
              2. Select the {Account} object from the Object Manager.
              3. Select Page Layouts.
              4. Navigate to the Related List Properties.
              5. Add the desired fields.

User-added image

3. In the DocGen Package create an Insert Update with the 2 required Field-Value Pairs:
              1. Account = <<Account_Id>>
              2. Document Package = DocGen Package Record Id. (SOQL: SELECT Id, Name FROM Loop__DDP__c)
              3. Add additional fields to capture more details from the document generation.
 Note: The DocGen Package Record Id will need to be updated if migrated from a Sandbox

User-added image
User-added image

4. The configuration is complete. Run the DocGen Package from a(n) {Account} record and an Insert Update will create a record in the DocGen Package Usage related list.

User-added image

5. When DocGen runs are successful, a Usage record will be created for reporting.

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