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Customer Question 1:

Values – we’re being told by the person building our forms that the only options for number values are US currency or general formatting with commas.  We’re looking to include multiple years in some of our forms (i.e. 2017-2018); however, this is coming up with commas and looks strange when approving.  Would there be an opportunity to load other number formats that can be used?  If we pick the currency option, this always has the $ sign which is not correct for us since we have international operations.


  • Answer: Currency controls if tied to a list will reference the locale of the Site that it is running on, or the settings configured for the list. IE, if the currency is setup Euros on the list, it will be reflected in the form.  If you’re looking to include references that are formatted like the example above (2017-2018) using the string format will be the best route, as it will not try to apply any additional formatting. For the last question, there are additional number formats that are available outside of string or currency including Integer or decimal. All of these formats can be applied to a Single Line of Text control on a form.
  • Customer Question 2:
  • Form attachments – we’ve been told that attachments are always sent in a separate email from the email notification for approval.  A few of our approvers have commented that this becomes confusing when receiving multiple approvals in the same day and having to match the correct attachments to each pending approval form.  Is there a way to attach forms to the email approval or is this an option that can be looked into further for the future?
  • Answer: The only way to currently (11/26/18) send attachments in an email in O365 will be to use the ‘Send an Email’ action. Based on the description above, it sounds like there are two emails going in parallel: 1) the Task notification email (configured in the ‘Assign a Task’ action and 2) an email with attachments (using the ‘Send an Email’ action.


In the current setup, if there is confusion with this configuration, there are some other options.  You can remove the ‘Send an Email’ action and just send the Task Notification. With this configuration, I would recommend using the link to the original list item where those attachments exist. 


For the future state, we do have the functionality currently within Nintex Workflow cloud where an Attachment can be added on a task email. This will likely eventually be brought over to the O365 platform, but there is no timeline on the availability of this functionality.