NTX PowerShell Action - Initial Beta Release

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NTX PowerShell Action - Initial Beta Release

*** Please see this thread for updated information: NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release ***


  • Robust security features based on Windows Remote Management.
  • Ability to execute PowerShell scripts from any machine allowing Remote Management from your SharePoint servers.
  • PowerShell exceptions are handled so workflows are unaffected.
  • OpenSource
  • Actively Developed
  • Automated Installation Routine

Planned Features

  • Async PowerShell script execution
  • Script Repository
  • Run worker as a centralized SharePoint service instead of in Workflow Infrastructure
  • Pass SPServer object to PowerShell session for determining executing server.

Current roadmap/planned features can be found here.


NTX PowerShell Download

NTX PowerShell CredSSP (Solution Only)

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Source Code

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