List of features not supported in Nintex Mobile

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External Data Column control

The External Data Column control enables users to add data from external content types to standard SharePoint lists. Just like an external list, the external data column can display data from any configured external content type.

Change Content Type control

The Change Content Type control enables users to change the content type for a list item in a SharePoint list where there are multiple content types on that list. The control populates itself based on the context of the list. At runtime it relies on the form being run in edit full desktop mode and hence will not work when running in mobile mode.

Web Request control

Enterprise Edition for Nintex Forms 2016 is required for this feature.

The Web Request control allows you to look up data using external web services. Use this control to populate form fields using data managed in business applications and cloud services. Call REST APIs by specifying the service URL, request method (GET or POST), and authentication type, or create SOAP envelopes using the POST method. 

List Item control

The List Item control can be used to display an item from a SharePoint list. 

SQL Request control

Enterprise Edition for Nintex Forms 2016 is required for this feature.

The SQL Request control allows you to look up values from SQL databases. Use this control to populate drop-down lists and other display formats in your forms. Retrieve data from SQL databases by specifying server, database, authentication, stored procedure, and optionally stored procedure parameters for dynamic filtering. Using the values retrieved from the SQL database, the SQL Request control selects the value and display fields. The value field is stored in the specified column (see the control field “Value field”) while the display field is displayed on the form (see the control field “Display field”).

Page Break Guide control

Enterprise Edition for Nintex Forms 2016 is required for this feature.

Supported for use in Desktop layouts only.

The Page Break Guide control allows you to decide where a form will have page breaks when rendered using Print to PDF. Use this control to force a form to break at certain points when being printed.

Managed Metadata control

Managed Metadata is a hierarchical collection of managed terms that must be defined within SharePoint prior to use in Nintex Forms. For more information on managed metadata refer to

The Managed Metadata control retrieves these managed terms from your SharePoint environment. Once a data selection has been configured, users can select values from a list of set terms, allowing for more accurate selections.  

Rich Text control

Use Rich Text to display formatted text, pictures, hyperlinks and tables on a form. 

Workflow Diagram control

The Workflow Diagram control can be used to display a Nintex workflow on a form.

Recurrence control

The Recurrence control allows a user to make the calendar item a repeating event. A user can edit the reoccurrence pattern when filling in the form.

Button control

The Button control can be used to initiate an action, such as submitting a form or initiating a custom JavaScript.

List View control

The List View control can be used to display a SharePoint List and optionally specify the list view to display.

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