Edit Task Forms on Office 365

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As you may all know, Nintex is closing the gap between features between O365 and On-premise versions of our products. Just a few important features are still missing. One of them (and maybe one of the most important one), is the Edit Task form feature for O365.  Guess what? That's exactly why I'm writing this blog!

Our july release is shipping this feature to O365!

I was really excited to test it, though I was having some worries about performances, but I have to admit that our development team has made a really well integrated feature that runs FAST!

Let me give you a tour of this new feature!

First of all, where will you find the feature? You will find this feature within the "Assign a task" action or "Start a task process" action.

WF edit.JPGOpen the task... and : button.JPG

Now you can see in the ribbon of the action a "Edit Task Form" button. Note that this button is greyed out for a few seconds (The form designer is loading in background). Once it has been loaded once, it opens in less than a second any other time!

When it's enabled, and you click on it, you will get the form designer opening as a frame on top of your workflow :


You recognize this window, right? It's exactly the same you have on a list item form!

From this form, you can add :

  • General Form fields
  • Specific Sharepoint fields  (list lookup)
  • List columns : you can access any list column from the list on which you workflow is based;
  • Task columns : you can add on the form all the following task oriented fields :


  • The workflow variables : This one is quite important! It allows you to display any workflow variable from your underlying workflow!

Basically, if you know Nintex Forms already, you will find all the features you are used to seeing in NF365!

This is it!!

Enjoy playing with it!! Share the information, spread the word... it has a massive impact on how we use Forms within Workflow on O365!

For more information, see the product help: http://help.nintex.com/en-US/O365/Default.htm#cshid=3049.