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Using Reusable Workflow Templates In SharePoint

Nintex Newbie
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Video Link : 1353

Hi All!

Wanted to do a quick walkthrough on how Reusable Workflow Templates work within Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. Hope this helps in your workflow designing, and if you have any questions, please shoot me a message, or post it in the comments below.

Also check out my other videos over on my site Working On It!

As a note:  

Nintex Newbie

Nice video and great timing. I was just today trying to figure out how to centrally roll out workflow changes effeciently. :-) Thanks. 

Nintex Newbie

is this feature available on SP Foundation?

I've played a bit with it once but ended up with bunch of errors and was told it's due to missing some features on SP Foundation...

Nintex Newbie

Marian Hatala‌ I did some research, and I believe the feature is available. I found this great article that breaks features down by SharePoint version. Let me know if this was helpful at all.  

Nintex Newbie

thanks for feedback ‌.

unfortunatelly, I think the link posted is not related to this problem, it just compares ways of building workflows with pure sharepoint and nintex workflows. it doesn't deal with reusable workflow at all.

Nintex Newbie

Hi there...helpful video!  Thanks a lot.  If I created an approval content type as you did and I include/attach that content type to an existing list would the workflow template then be automatically available on the existing list?