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Nintex Promapp Guide on The Know-Your-Workflow Script

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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In this article we have provided an interactive guide using Nintex Promapp that will walk you through a step-by-step approach on navigating to the Know-Your-Workflow script to download, run, and generate your workflow consumption reports within your On-premise environment.


However, if you are not familiar with the Know-Your-Workflow script, I'd recommend having a look at the article, Introducing the Know-Your-Workflow Script.


Interactive Guide: Run the KYWF Script


So let's get started....


First, select the Nintex Promapp - Know-Your-Workflow link here where you will be taken to the Run the KYWF Script process map within Promapp.  Accessing this process map will serve as an Interactive guide for you to go through and follow.  

KYWF Process.png


Once you have the Run the KYWF Script process map open. 

Then you'll want to select Activity 1.0 - Download KYWF Script.

KYWF Activity.png


Next, Activity 1.0 Download KYWF Script will expand.  This is where all your tasks associated to this activity resides.  These are the steps you'll need to follow to ensure you download the correct script.  Once you've completed this activity, then continue on until you have finished the entire activities and tasks within the process map.

KYWF Tasks.png


VideoRun the KYWF Script


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Nintex Newbie

The promp app is pretty awesome. Now all USPS employees can make use of liteblue portal to get all the benefits.