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Is there anyway that the Auto ID can be link to item

Nintex Newbie
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I have been assigned to do Sharepoint, already set up all the needed things. WF. But have query if Auto-ID can be a link to item. I need to have the ID to be clickable like Context ID Display Name. 

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

Nintex Newbie

You want to modify the list view in SharePoint, so that you can click the ID instead the title?

Nintex Newbie

Hi yes correct is there any way to do that? Thank you

Nintex Newbie

When you go to the view settings you should be able to select on which column you want to attach the link (and context menu)

Btw: did you mention which version of SharePoint you are using? This might differ depending on the version of SharePoint.

Btw 2: this is totally independent of Nintex

Nintex Newbie

Hi using sp 365. The only item that i can see that is link to item is the title and edit. I used auto Id so i cannot edit as link to item. Thank you

Nintex Newbie

You are right. For some strange reason I was under the impression, that you could select the field.

I'm afraid I am mistaken.

However, you could add an edit column, that would open up the edit view of the list item.

Nintex Newbie

Hi, already created a link. I copied the link then I add =ID. I changed the long name to a shortname. THank you very much for the help. Have a nice day ahead.