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Displaying Workflow Tasks

Nintex Newbie
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There are times when a user does not want to go through each and every email to approve a task. There are also times when a list item is deleted; however, the task is still out there for that item.

To display the task list for users in SharePoint:

  • Go to Lists->Workflow Tasks
  • Click on the link
  • Copy the URL
  • Create a new item in the Quick Launch and paste the URL there
  • Users can filter the list on their name or check on the status of other users

To display one task link in Nintex email notifications:

  • In your email notification, you can 'Insert Reference' and select 'Workflow Status URL'
  • All the user will have to do is click on 'Respond to Task'

Personally, I give all the users the information they need in the email to approve/reject. In addition, I attach any files. That way they can perform a lazy approval if they so choose to. Where I work, the URLs are disabled from clicking on them. So users have to copy and paste them to open their items.

If you have an orphaned task, it will appear in the workflow task list. You simply find it and delete it.

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Nintex Newbie

When trying to do the same in SharePoint online, we are not able to open the task page directly. We first have to select the item, then click 'Edit', and then the form open. Is there a workaround so that as soon as we click on an item, we are taken to the Nintex form?