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Delegation in O365

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Automation Master
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The action Assign Flexi Task is under development for O365.

Recently, the Task Outcome for Assign a Task was released.

The Delegation of a Task becomes then more intuitive.

Here is how I have implemented it.

1. Let's create a new Site column for the Task Outcome.

Go to Site Settings of your Site Collection and under Web Designer Galleries, click Site columns

Click Create and name it like you wish. I have name it Task Outcome Approve.

For The type of information, tick Task Outcome.

For Group, the best practice is to create a New group to store your customized columns. I have name it My Company.

For Type each choice on a separate line: add




Remove the Default value

Click OK

2. Add a new Site column DelegatedTo to the Workflow Approve content type.

In my case, I have create a column of type Person or Group but it can be a lookup column from a list containing the names of the Person

For Group, select the Group you justhave created.

Click OK

3. Create a new Site Content Type.

Go to Site Settings of your Site Collection and under Web Designer Galleries, click Site content types.

Click Create and name it like you wish. I have name it Worklow Approve.

For the Select parent content type from, select List Content Types.

For the Parent Content Type, select Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013)

For Group, create a New group to store your customized Content Type. I have name it My Company

Click OK

4. Add both Site columns to the Workflow Approve content type.

Click Add from existing site columns

Select columns from: Name of your customized group

In Available columns, select Task Outcome Approve and DelegatedTo and click Add.

Click OK.

Now, we need to customize the Workflow Task list but it does not exist yet.

So, let's create our Nintex Workflow.

In the Documents Library or any other Library/List you want, open the ribbon and click Nintex Workflow.

Do not add any action, just save it.

5. Add the new Content Type to the Workflow Tasks list used by your Nintex Workflow.

In the Quick launch, under Recent, click Workflow Tasks.

Go to the List Settings.

If you do not see the Content Types, click Advanced Settings. For Allow management of content types? Tick Yes

Click Add from existing site content types

From Select site content types from: select the new group you should have created. In my case, it is My Company

From Available Site Content Types, select Workflow Approve

Click Add and then OK.

Now, we need to make sure that there is only one content type displayed.

Click Change new button order and default content type

For the Task content type, uncheck Visible.

Click OK

And we need to make sure that the default Task Outcome is hidden.

Click you content type Workflow Approve.

Click Task Outcome

Tick Hidden

Click OK

6. Add the Assign a Task action

Open your newly created Nintex Workflow
Insert the Assign a Task action and click Configure.

Participant: Name of the assignee

Task Title, Description: What you want

Due Date: Left empty

Related Item: Keep Current item

Task Outcomes: Click Use existing predefined content type

Content Type: Select Workflow Approve

Field: Select Task Outcome Approve

For the remaining fields, you can let the defaults for this purpose

Click OK and you can see the three possible ouctomes for the Task.

31/03/2016 I have attached a js file with the code to validate the Delegated person.

To add this code, go to the Task list, click the List ribbon, Customize List group, Form Web Parts - Default Edit Form

Add a Web Part. Media and Content - Scripty Editor. Click Add.

Click Edit Snippet, paste the code and click Insert

Happy Nintexing,

Christophe Raucq

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Nintex Newbie

Hi Christophe

Is it possible to make the 'Delegated To' field mandatory when the task asignee clicks 'Delegated' button in Workflow task form.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi vyshnavi,

I have attached a js file with the code.



Nintex Newbie

Thanks Christophe. It worked .

Nintex Newbie

In On-prem we have the option of delegating to n levels. For instance it can delegate from person A to B and B to C until the task is approved. Is there a way to handle n level delegation? 

Nintex Newbie


The JS file no longer works do you still have it that can be reposted or can you copy the code into a reply?


Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi Neil,

The file is still there but you need to Download/Save it and then Edit it with Notepad for instance.



Automation Master
Automation Master

I'm 3 years late on this, but, Escalate =/= Delegation. We still don't seem to have delegation.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi Christophe Raucq‌!

Thank you for this great post, all those years ago.

As you know, we still don't have delegation in O365.  I was just wondering what your next steps were? I would love to compare how you approach it, to how I have...

In my Delegation branch, I put a Query List to get the task's "DelegatedTo" user, and put that into the variable that was in the Assignee part of the task to begin with. 

I then drop my entire Assign A Task into a state machine, so I can say "if delegated, start yourself again!" any other choice exits the state machine (after doing the required steps.)

I figure if I don't do that, and just update the task user on the task itself, they won't get any notification unless we email them directly. This seems simpler to me -- shuts down the old task and creates a new one for the delegate.

Also, a question...

Using this method, I don't see any way to approach multiple assignees wanting to delegate, do you? Especially if a parallel task? I'm thinking that's one we can't quite work around yet... like, I guess you could do some kind of remove and find and replace and then send a notification ... maybe? That'd be so easy to mess up.

CC Andrew Glasser‌ // Eric Harris‌ // Jesse McHargue‌ // Cassy Freeman‌ // Tomasz Poszytek

Automation Master
Automation Master

One way that I have done this is on the task form (create a task form, yes in O365), then have a flexy task choice of "Delegate". In the same form is a person field and is required for that choice. In the workflow send out another task to the assigned user/delegated user.

I also set all tasks to escalate to a single user (configurable of course). And that user can be a delegator as well.

This all breaks down though, if you want an endless loop of possible delegations. There needs to be a limit eventually.