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Bookings with Appointment slots. A simple example.

Nintex Newbie
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So the idea behind this was to create a master booking, I.E a photographer or doctor is coming in for a day, and we need people to signup for one of the available 10 minutes slots throughout the day for their photo \ flu jab.

There are two lists. One to capture the main booking and the other to hold the available slots. The master booking form needs to capture the following information...



Once saved we can then run the generate slots workflow. It works by simply taking the start time of the first session adding it to a collection, then until the end of the 1st session, looping through and adding the slot duration and adding that to the collection. Repeated for each session. 


The workflow then creates those slots in the other list.


On my home page, it shows the current open booking with a link to a booking page. This uses a filtered url to only show the relvant booking and slots.


https://Applications/Bookings/Pages/BookingView.aspx?FilterField1=BookingIDText&FilterValue1=ID000008. Which gives me...



I can then send that url out in an invitation email. Users simply click on the book \ un book slot to add themselves to the relevant available slot.



The booking user gets an email confirming their booking, which is also added to their outlook calendar.



The owner of the booking then has a clean list of people who have signed up.


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Nintex Newbie

Thanks for posting this example. I'm going to push this into our blog section so others can find it.