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Hide Rules Causing Overlapping Controls or Blank Space on Nintex Forms


Controls are overlapping or excessive blank space is appearing on a form as controls are shown/hidden with hide rules.



  • Nest groups of controls within a Panel control. Rules tend to function better when hiding 1 Panel than hiding dozens of individual controls.
  • Place hide rules in the order that they will execute. For example, if you have Panels A, B, and C, the hide rules (in the 'Rules' panel) should be placed in the same order. When rules are listed out of order, they may execute in an unexpected order and deliver undesired results.
  • Ensure that each control has a single hide rule. If a control has multiple hide rules that evaluate to 'true' at different times, this can cause a blank space on the control. This is due to one control attempting to show the control while another rule is still hiding the control.
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