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Document Generation Table Data Use Row as Repeated format type in .pptx file


When using Document Generation action in Nintex Workflow for Office 365, with the Table Data Repeated format, configued type as Row.

The template type .pptx will create a new table for each row in the corresponding workflow collection variable, instead of creating a new row in the same table. 


This behaviour is a PowerPoint limitation in that if the template does not provide enough rows in the same table, it will create a new table. 

The workaround of this behaviour is to create dynamic rows when using template type .pptx.


For example: 

If the collection variable has 5 rows, then you will need to create 6 rows in the table, with the details below:


1st row:  header 

2nd row: table start tag and table column tag

3rd - 5th row: empty row


See Use Row as Repeated format type for the details.

Additional Information

This behaviour only occurs in a Powerpoint (.pptx) file and won't affect a Word (.docx) file

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