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DocuSign Configuration Update - SOBO - version 7.0+


Upgraded DocuSign for Salesforce App to a version 7.0 +.  What other configuration do I need to set up to work with Nintex Drawloop App?


DocuSign Configuration Update:
When upgrading the ‘DocuSign Salesforce App’ to a version 7.0 +, the integration with Drawloop DocGen has changed.  To support the changes, we have created the Integration option below, “Send On Behalf Of”.

**This is supported in Drawloop versions 15.1.2 and above. Upgrading Drawloop may be required in your environment

Send On Behalf Of (SOBO):
This configuration is storing an authorization connection to a specified DocuSign account. Then when a Document Package is run, the ‘Full Name’ and ‘Email’ associated with the Users DocuSign ‘DSProSFUsername’ on their ‘Salesforce User Detail’ page will be referenced in the DocuSign Envelope and email.

Step 1: Navigate to the Drawloop DocGen Admin Tab > Configuration >   Third Party Integrations > Create or Edit a DocuSign Integration:

User-added image

Step 2:

  1. The Account ID may populate if an account is connected to salesforce, otherwise please get your API Account ID from your DocuSign admin pages.
  2. Select the type of DocuSign environment associated with the account. ( Live, Demo, etc…)
  3. Select the “Authentication to use”. In this instance, we are selecting ‘Specify credentials for Send On Behalf Of.’ (This will be the Authorization connection to the DocuSign account being used.)
  4. Enter the Docusign username and Password of the Docusign User you wish to authorize the connection as.
Step 3:
When Running a Document Package, this authorization connection will allow for Drawloop to access the associated DocuSign account and reference the ‘DSProSFUsername’ and send the DocuSign envelope as that associates Full Name and Email.

User-added image

Step 4: Email outcome>

User-added image


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