Import and export process models

  • 24 June 2024
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Process Modeling allows users to build more sophisticated process documentation directly within Nintex Process Manager using an easy drag-and-drop design canvas. It helps expand the existing capabilities within Process Manager and supports the complete descriptive Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 specification to align with modeling best practices and industry standards.


We're thrilled to introduce an intuitive new feature in Process Manager that makes it super easy to import your existing Microsoft Visio diagrams into the Nintex platform. Once you import them, these diagrams are automatically transformed into BPMN models, paving the way for streamlined documentation and future automatable workflows that will supercharge efficiency and productivity across your organization. We've put together a video showing exactly how to import and export process models in Process Manager. Join us and unlock the full potential of this powerful new capability!





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